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Site specific long tail keyword operations

Long tail keywords for a website optimization, how important is, in fact, do optimize friends can recognize. However, we always found the first optimization of friends, are rarely long-tail keywords are planned. Especially beginners to search engine optimization for new people, is a lack of consideration in the early stages.
so, when we start optimizing a website should also establish long-tail keyword optimization, although for some friends is a big project, but, in fact, completed a project, sometimes a pride thing. Detail master.
in fact, long-tail keyword optimization, but all of these points, first of all, establish the need to optimize the long tail keywords, this process is also called mining long tail keywords, the establishment of long-tail keywords, is also very important, some long tail keywords might include very high volume, but searches are few and may not need to give up these long tail. Because, even if the optimization will not bring quality traffic, so the long tail keywords are also well established. Don't optimization in the long tail of going bust.
1, established the long tail keywords
Baidu to promote the friend is convenient for long tail keywords can be found in the Web site. No friends no need to worry about, because the Internet provides a lot of mining the long tail keyword tool. You can now search on Baidu or Google, I won't provide links here, AD-free of suspicion.
following the long tail keywords, and you want to further filter, just like I said above, first a keyword to filter out some unfinished, and some do not belong to type long tail keywords on your Web site. Included in the amount of, or keyword to search for.
2, developing a long-tail keyword plan
long tail keyword optimization can be achieved through several points, the first is a page in the Web site optimization, on the inside pages with several long tail keywords as the title, description and keywords, use tags such as H1, H2. Long tail keyword density in your page in order to attain the normal ratio. In fact, optimize the long tail keywords and optimizing steps primary key, original and high quality chain.
and the second is in an external website optimization, for example in the optimization Baidu space, this is possible, as I do this promotion is one of the sites. And very effective. Of course, that depends on individual skills. So high outside of forums, blogs, and so can be used as a long-tail keyword optimization. Of course, there may be some people will think that, long tail keywords, you should own website optimization. However, I think if in the powerful Forum, or free blog traffic with long tail and that the effect is the same.
3 maintenance
, long tail keyword rankings because not only your team optimize the long tail, your competitors will also carry out actions in this regard. Therefore, the ranking of maintenance is more important. I want to say is, when the weight of the website continued to increase, the long tail keyword rankings will become more stable. Of course, you can also text links of the chain, stable and long tail keyword rankings.

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