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13 search engines not included or included in the amount of the decrease is due to

Well known search engine on the Web site included a very important, if not included, or included reduced, then our optimization, promotion, operation and so on will have a great deal of hardship. Friends groups recently asked this question today and share with you what I know search engines are not included or included in the amount of the decrease is due to.
1 ... new
new upload websites won't be included, even be indexed by search engines is not released immediately, Kak√° blog launched Google on the same day the King included, Baidu also included the day but released after a week. Here suggest that we can do after the new station to upload high quality external links attract a spider and Web site content better to put some original articles, and finally upload your website in the search engines with one or two days before the new and to submit it to search engines (not often). So you can quickly get indexed by search engines.
2. excessive
website optimization website optimization beyond reproach, but excessive optimization but do not have access to the search engines like. Previous stack keywords, keywords in bold, keyword density method can be ranked, but not now, the search engine has made it clear that hate some acts. Optimization of our website if there are excessive places will modify it quickly is not included is the site is k, the candle.
3. site cacophony of
that there is no way something discordant content will allow your site to be harmonized, so the content of our site to comply with national laws and legal regulations. There is also a search engine in awe, do not have search engine back in site content such as offensive language, the relatively serious, General k station without consulting.
4. use advertising
now many sites advertising content, this is not a search engine like, a home like their product, the second is a lot of duplication, three users have been affected. Before I have a website because of a search engine's ads k station by another search engine, the problem will not necessarily occur, but worthy of our attention!
5: a lot of products use Baidu to do optimization, promotion
I believe there is already a lot of webmasters have discovered, excessive use of Baidu's product releases a large number of links, the result is not only not a good role, the end is in danger of k points. More than Baidu, as you would any search engine, the site you still dare to do it, obviously provoked it. So we should make use of the search engine product, don't let them see you cheat!
6: links by k
a lot of small and medium enterprises because there is no professional technician or links do not pay attention cause there is no habit of checking links if links site by search engine k station, then your website will also be affected, serious k station! Or website in the external links there are a large number of private stations can also cause search engines don't like websites such as weight reduction.
7: waste dump
by search engine that is when a site is collecting or basic text content when no readability and value, not only users or not, search engines don't want such sites, does not include, include reduction or k station is inevitable! So our article to tidy up!
8 ... search engine
search engine algorithms are used to adjust, suspend or reduce the site, and your site just within the range of adjustments, this time we should be timely and webmaster circles of friends, to see if we have a similar problem, and then adjusted in a timely manner!
9. large areas of revised website
tend to be more common, large areas of revision lead to search engine that is a new station and weight reduction of audit led to the Web site again, this time on the Web site include reduced. Tip: this card cards original and want to learn more search cards cards, reprinted, please retain this copyright, all rights reserved, offenders will be prosecuted!
10. site structure
site with plenty of dead links, the framework calls, Web garbled, or using pictures, Flash resulting in normal grab included components, such as the content, these problems cause the search engine spiders to access.
11. the site was linked to horse
this issue is ultimately caused by site security issues, was linked to the horse website will definitely affect the user's reading and security, be indexed by k station led to the reduction is inevitable!
12. site links
the server site server on the same IP has been k, server IP blocked by search engines, site affected, blocked IP of the server are indexed by search engines to stop crawling. Error occurred writing
website robots file error is wrong, stop search engine to crawl the site and ultimately lead to websites not included. Formal written robots we can refer to: Wang Kaka: the most basic usage and examples of robots.txt, we want to help you! BACK

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