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What is SEO practitioners need to learn

SEO industry has in China development years has, now increasingly more of people are know has SEO of exists, but most just understand has it of part, on SEO and no a system full of understanding, most also just stay in SEO is do ranking of based defined Shang, actually SEO is a engineering, system optimization website of process, we not only to from technology level Shang learning it, and also to from General up grasp it, to wants to do it, especially has records Yu to SEO for career of people for Should study some knowledge below.
in the final analysis, SEO is a marketing tool in network marketing, it is certain that the policy is a keyword in the search engine rankings in front, someone by searching for the keyword to your site, and promoting your product or service as a marketing method. We do website optimization, not only from a technical level, and you have to stand in the market in terms of layout, SEO is the means, is the aim of marketing, website optimization processes throughout marketing ideas.
we do SEO, to simple code to write, like CSS, HTML, ASP, PHP, Javascript etc, Kai code we can understand the code, we can only understand to start rewriting, if you do not know many details you can modify. Among them, HMTL, CSS is the most basic, must study system.
writing capacity
website content is we in search engine optimization process in the, very important of things, we to wrote large of content to makes himself of website content rich up, and search engine compared like quality of original articles, so to wants to put a website do, in search engine has a long-term of stable ranking, content is ultimately of, and here refers to of content not reproduced came of content, but quality of original content, this on we proposed has challenge, We know that too many spam sites, mostly collected from, and because of this, the original is more important. When you do the actual original content, from the user perspective when writing valuable content, the search engine will give you good returns, so if you want to do long training of writing ability is a must.

of course this refers to data analysis data analysis, not to show your knowledge learn higher mathematics such as calculus, linear algebra, just some simple math, reasoning, logic, knowledge can be qualified, people who do SEO needs analysis, analysis of site log, analyze competitors website optimization, analyze site structure, analysis of industry, and so on.
Basic SEO techniques
This is the most basic requirement in the SEO industry, such as the lines of a page title, 404 pages, robots.txt, standardization of dead links, URL, website structure knowledge. In this regard, the Internet has a lot of information, you can go online using a search engine to learn, such as recent Baidu Optimization Guide, and Google previously for their internal Optimization Guide book for administrators also often look at other SEO blogs, it is a good way to learn.
project organization coordination capacity
sometimes a project not a people by can completed of, need everyone of tie to completed, for example some provides SEO service of company, is has Division of, some people make keywords research, some people is responsible for program maintenance, some people is responsible for outside chain construction, some is responsible for wrote content, so more people in with work, certainly need must of organization coordination capacity has. BACK

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