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SEO is not only a technical but also a physical work

With the rise of SEO training, SEO techniques become more popular, some Internet companies are beginning to have a dedicated SEO sector, there are many individual owners began to learn SEO. But our SEO abroad night market is not mature, relative to many domestic norms, not many people engaged in this area, nor professional.
many had just stepped into the SEO industry newcomers, and for the first time to learn SEO techniques is to see writing predecessor, veteran SEO articles. But after you've watched more than 10 primary SEO articles, you will find that they write is to write out the number. But is also looking at these articles is that there are many people succeed, all to no avail.
Why do so? Simply because someone stuck, fails with no. Want to do a good SEOER passion alone is not enough, but takes patience, perseverance, determination and winner to bear loneliness. Take myself as an example, is a failure of the webmaster, we can find the problem in my blog. There are only two articles, even with this one is just three pieces, however successful Lu Songsong and mouchangqing these successful bloggers, their articles have hundreds of articles. BACK

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