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Discussed the new station of the website optimization Baidu article included

Some new AdSense site for a long time, Baidu is still so few snapshot is not updated, and don't know what to do. I am also a novice small webmaster, has just created a new station, his summary of the approach was quickly compiled and updated by Web sites, my own method of practice, is very effective. Share it here with all of the novice webmaster, webmaster more advice please.
first, the site was built after the first priority is to the major search engines, submitting your Web site such as site navigation, telling spider game to eat here, it comes up. General 1-2 weeks recording at least Home. Many factors included in this speed, personally think that server speed, location, types of websites under the same IP, Web site has a lot to do with it.
now included in article. As new sites, spiders begin to crawl, this time is very important, make sure that the normal daily update, original is best, not only for the original title must be changed, beginning middle and end are to be changed, write method sites a search a lot, would not elaborate on this. After you submit the search engines don't think nothing, do articles within the chain, that is for spiders to find a thread in the site to crawl, and remain updated on a daily basis. I stood, was submitted after 3 days of collection. At website articles volume has 100 article, but only included has Home and tag label page also not pain not itch of received has several articles, poor Ah, may is copy in added articles of when directly copy paste of articles compared more's; also has a reasons has may is search engine caught with you of new articles in audit, also no put out; again a reasons, submitted search engine second days, server down had once machine, one days only good, this also is let I depressed, is a not included of is big reasons. So, choose a stable fast servers is how important it is ... ...
I'm going to do is put a site map HTML, XML, Baidu news, I recommend site appears in the top and bottom. Also add your sitemap in robots.txt files.
after the new site indexed by search engines, note that to increase the update frequency, once in the morning, noon and night, conditional updates after 12 midnight. Adjust permissions for articles updated better. This method is very effective and, sure enough, spiders begin to like my stuff, I updated the article is generally included between 8 to 11 in the morning in the afternoon if it did not like. Due to the 11 on the day I rest, add articles did not release an update comes out during the day, so I 1 updates the time in the Middle, see the results the next morning the article was updated yesterday included. Now my snapshot is updated on a daily basis. And articles included in stable.
now have to deal with is those articles that has not been included before, and build an XML document, that the articles didn't throw, however, to ensure that the article is original, at least for the bottom of the original article on the site.
my website was online 2 weeks, although the article is not much, included also is not much, but I believe that'll stick with it, and will have a good ranking in search engines. Trend well have a bright future!! HA HA. BACK

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