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Analysis on the main factors that influence search engine rankings

Search engines have become the main Web application, more and more Internet users to search forms rely on, which is why Baidu's traffic has surged, advertising business is getting more prosperous one. Baidu statistics show, with 70% of Internet users access to information via the search engine is the main channel, and keyword ranking does not increase the price of each Web site on many search engines Home because Home means more traffic, more leads, so search engine rankings into a systematic engineering of enterprises.
What are the main factors that influence search engine rankings? Zero Internet branding agencies think that the following points are the main factors.
1, Web page function
front zero discussion on the framework of "site location is the site of the soul", before doing a website needs a complete planning and positioning, zero is not done here.
2, and page of content
network marketing in the advocates content for King, copy of, and cookie of content no any meaning, except cannot attract netizens yiwai, more is cannot attract spider of constantly grab, so original, and rich of text on became has search engine ranking of key factors, so website of original content, and constantly of has law of update content, and and internal file don't is big, in articles above can set keywords, but remember sensitivity topic, And the page content, it is best not to repeat, cast spider preferences but also enhances the user's experience, so that the site's natural ranking will be soon!
3, keyword selection
selection of keywords on Web site ranking plays an important role, but also an important part of SEO. On the choice of keywords from a user point of view, then you can reference tools such as Baidu index, heat view keywords, and keywords must have high correlation with site, otherwise it is just empty words without any meaning, preferably alternating hot and cold on the selection of keywords, you can also choose some long tail keywords.
, keyword density keyword density is too high by spiders as cheating, poses the danger of delisting, so the best keyword density is between 2%--8%, keyword density and the author has been at around 6%, plays a good role on search engines and keyword density keyword density tools can use the query, such as webmaster tools.
5 layout
on the article content, and keywords top and bottom is the most favorite places search engines crawl, and displayed snapshots like title, keyword layout you can choose where to layout.
6, and website in the of title and label
title is search engine most keen of place, is user search results in the most often appeared of information, so page of title up with vital of role, and content and articles must to has height correlation, and title of words best is 6-12 a word for good, too much spider cannot recognition out key information, too little not conducive to search, remember keywords of layout and density. Labels are also basic search engine optimization, clean function are the main factors that improve the user experience.
7, and external links, and friendship links
external links of number and quality is improve website ranking of main factors, PR weight more high, natural ranking on will more by Qian, so in do external links of number of guarantee of while, information where website of weight is very important of, like Alibaba of weight high, so in internal do external links, not only snapshot of speed fast, and also conducive to improve website of ranking, friendship links is also of truth.
of server space, server space size and stability to some extent determines the site's ranking, if the space is too small, then the user experience is bad pages open very slowly, at a fast pace today, who would be willing to go to see a snail-like website? Stability determines the preference of spiders, an unstable server, finally causes the spider to removed from the Web site, thus refraining from cheap and small server operators.
9, human factors
certainly has a relevance in Web search, which determines the number of words is because search, search more number of times relevant keywords can be used to improve the site's ranking or relevant majority of searches are in the habit of reading related search keyword search information will take advantage of. BACK

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