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How to successfully run a website remember four rules

Webmasters today took part in a party, benefit. I think the summary, forget points in the province, and webmasters to write online, readers with their own.
we are considered a problem almost every webmaster, how exactly does the successful operation of a Web site, how to do? I think according to the rules, then a long stick, can be harvested. Then do what is the law? Share my experiences below:
: intention to stand.
as her own child to look at the website, and if her!! Give him the best food (Web content), the most beautiful clothes (appearance), he constantly improve the living environment (selection of programs, outside the chain, and so forth). Only if you take the time to carefully treated better at your next step.
II: content on a Web site not controlled by others.
to go one's own characteristics, to make their own things (original content). As a simple example, a lot of people want to space, website images are hotlinking, no watermark picture is fine, has the right to watermark pictures when you advertise to others. Such sites and how long based on it? Picture site where a peg, you n number of pictures on the station as a whole is x, how to attract clients? Everything on the site is his own! Not controlled by others, so that you can go further.
three: site survived most of the key is not how do you pull the customer, but how to maintain existing customers. (The Forum is very important! )
clients in the tutorial, the promotion that we said, they're everywhere, and patterns are more mature. This basically everyone will more or less points. But very few tutorials show you how to maintain your existing customers. In fact, I think for any website, the key is to maintain existing customers, and webmasters just ignored this, most webmasters assume members register at your Web site, and on more than one Member, it was OK, and then continue to the next member. In fact, this is very wrong. Our daily working time should be divided into 2 halves, half the new members, half is used to maintain the existing members! Otherwise it is of heixiazi to break off the corn, breaking one, lose one. Don't make any sense.
IV: the attitude is very important.
the problem has been mentioned in more than one article, but still some people impetuous, impatient for success. After so long without success, eager hearts. Station is a long term process of accumulation, the three points above, we tried to accumulate, careful to perform, and then all the time!
a lot of things very simple, including station, too, sometimes we think of complex, complicate simple issues but not success. Clear understanding of the nature and do it step by step, and rewarding! BACK

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