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Talk about fast-get rid of embarrassing four new station

Embarrass everybody already know a lot of the new website.
embarrassed to get rid of these very simple, we need patience, stick with it.
(a) regularly update content
update is very important, do not underestimate it, beginning with my site is updated on a daily basis at the time, leading to spider confusion, time delay on the snapshot, regular updating is very important.
based on Spider records, it will first look at your Home and into your content updates, content inline, and then go back to your Home, forming a loop. So, to have an interest in how to make spiders for you every day update. When you update every day, it will come every day, so your content included naturally. When you update when it will gradually develop a habit, it also regularly visit your site regularly, when it has become conventional wisdom to patronize your site included in your will. Of course, you today not tomorrow and then again the day after tomorrow, it will be too cold to you weight down naturally, included also.
(ii) chain
a new station was built, also submitted, Baidu is also included. But the snapshot interval is very long. Mainly because your site weight low, if you wanted a snapshot daily outreach. Very simple reasoning, for example, you opened a storefront, if a guest to visit every day, this shop does not make money. If hundreds of thousands of people a day to visit it, must have at least sold a few. Website snapshot like this, you have only one external, then the spiders and your chance to meet only once, if you have hundreds of outreach, spiders and your chance to meet hundreds, had the opportunity to meet many, many times, the snapshot will go up.
1 • post
to the high weight of the station to build an account, all signed up to do, and then to write the soft article, a day on a few, the effect is very good. (Baidu weight under forums, and the like, there are many forums for you to choose the weight. )
/>2 • discuz or PHPWIND Forum can also be Baidu "discuz or PHPWIND ad zone," you'll find many chain places.
3 •
Baidu know we all know that search, you can try to answer the question. Will also have some effect. Of course, to know the right amount. Of course, not just this the Baidu search, there are a lot of places can be.
• links platform under go to Baidu search "link platform" and then go to register, update every day.
5 collection
• site search site under Favorites, Favorites your site.
6 • stick
Baidu several posts a day. (Do not send much Oh, when you cry. )
(c) original
site content is a very important step (copying is k and collections should be very impressed), all engines like new things, trying to make it like you, you have to hold it well. Of course, everyone's energy is limited, so, if not the original also had to make a "Cottage" (false) is its readability has declined, but at least it is not collected or copied, the engine will be more like. BACK

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