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Website traffic why did less than expected?

Flow, I once considered doing SEO is one of the major criteria. Meanwhile, I've been struggling with traffic problems. Every time I see groups are talking about "why is my site ranks well but poor flow | why my sites main keyword traffic will be much lower than"
first, why my site ranks well but poor flow?
Web site traffic based on user search results and then clicking in. While this is nonsense, but it can express things. Users have their own Web sites their right to choose. He search results would not necessarily every one, will pick their own interest, containing the keywords you want to find more sites click here. Like the other is a regional client, want to find a local SEO team cooperation. When a user in the search engine type "Beijing SEO" when displayed in Beijing a lot of SEO Web site. When users see search results will of course see the description for each site. This is the key to whether the user clicks to come in. If the first site is written "Beijing SEO| SEO search engine optimization team |" and so on a series of keyword stuffing. Written by the second Web site is "SEO team in Beijing was established in year **** has a wealth of practical experience, have good quotation system. To provide you with more comprehensive SEO services, consultation "if it were me, I would not hesitate to point into the second Web site. After all, description is written for search engines and users of the Web site, not just for the ranking.
Second, why my sites main keyword traffic will be much lower than the heat?
in fact, this is much easier than the first. Search engines display only search engine in the heat of the statistics of this keyword search volume over time. Shaved is true, we will talk about the other reasons. 1th first is to doubt the authenticity of the results. Authenticity is not a search engine statistics here. But searches are our target groups. Believes a popular keyword is not just one person or a few people to do it. We do when looking at ranking or analyze keywords without knowing the word for a contribution. There is in the case of manual mistake our search results to target groups. What kind of errors do? Pick a popular term for it. "Baidu" in the search engine Baidu entered the word, look at the search volume. User attention around 10W. Take another look at the "Baidu" user attention keep in 4W. This is not a good example, but it can exaggerate things I wanted to express. Is in the case of manual mistake a lot of key words is also very popular. 2nd said that for the time being, there are a lot of ideas are not written out. Hope the next time you write before you begin to think about what he's written, don't always get off track. BACK

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